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First-time buyer advice in Bromsgrove


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You’ve landed at the right place for first-time buyer mortgage advice. Our experts have endless knowledge and years of experience to help you make the right mortgage decisions.

There are many things that you should consider when it comes to buying your first property. Our mortgage brokers in Bromsgrove have summed up a few of the key considerations you should have.

First-time buyer deposits

It is important that you have saved up a sufficient deposit for the properties you are looking at. It is typically recommended that you have 5% or more of the property purchase value, a good deposit will lower your overall mortgage.

Be realistic

You should be realistic about the value that you can afford to save for and pay off. It will not work out for you if you are unrealistic and can’t afford the repayments, so it is key to get it right from the offset. You should get an estimate on how much a lender will give you before shopping for properties.

Find the right mortgage

There are many different types of mortgages, it can be tricky to get your head around them alongside all the legal jargon that comes with them. Our mortgage brokers will ensure that you have the correct mortgage in place that best suits your circumstances.

Cutting down spending

To get a higher mortgage and be eligible, it can be useful to cut down your spending and eliminate bad habits. When you apply for a first-time buyer mortgage, you will often be asked about how much you earn, what you regularly spend and about any outstanding debts.

Our mortgage advisors understand that all of this can be a lot to take in and understand, so we are here to help you with your mortgage. We listen to you and answer any worries or questions that may arise from finding you the best mortgage.

For further information on first-time buyer mortgage advice in Bromsgrove and surrounding areas, you can call us on 0121 445 1227 or email

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